Argentina – Cuba / 2021 / 70’

16:9 / 5.1 / DCP 2K / Color


Thousands of children affected by the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant arrive in Cuba, where a comprehensive recovery program is organized for the victims. Through its protagonists we reconstruct a supportive and passionate story.

Ernesto Fontan


Ernesto Fontan is an Argentine audiovisual producer. He graduated in Audiovision (UNLa) in 2005 and began working as a professional editor for the most important audiovisual companies in the region (Disney, Fox, Cuatro Cabezas and Cinetauro, among others).

After directing numerous video clips and productions for advertising brands, he directs his documentary debut “Tarará”.

He is currently engaged in the pre-production of his second feature film.


Best Direction Continental Panorama Documentary Feature Film.

FICAH 5 International Film Festival of America in Hidalgo, Mexico 2021. Official Selection.

FICMA 12 International Film Fair of Manizales, Colombia. (2021) Official Selection.

VIII Documentary Film Week. ADN – Association of Directors and Producers of Independent Documentary Film of Argentina. (2021)

Declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation (2021)

Official Selection Hairouna Film Festival St Vincent & The Grenadines.

Official Selection Santiago del Estero Film Fest Argentina.

Official Selection Lift-Off Sessions UK Festival.

Official Selection Festival Liberation DocFest Bangladesh.

Official Selection Tucumán Latin American Film Festival, Argentina.

Some interviewees

Silvio Rodríguez.

Aleida Guevara.

Roberto Fernández Retamar.

Ignacio Ramonet.

Atilio Borón.

Ramón Labaniño.

Gerardo Hernández.

Aleksandr Savchenko.

Vladimir Rudenko.


Script and Director : Ernesto Fontan.

Producers : Juan Pablo Di Bitonto and Ernesto Fontan.

Original idea and interviews : Paola R. Gallo Peláez.

Executive Producer : Tatiana Nemecek.

Production Director : Gabriel Badaraco.

Cinematography and camera : Bruno Scarponi.

Direct Sound : Marcos Coria.

Still photo : Catalina Gallo Peláez.

Production Assistant : Federico Badaraco.

Design and Digital Art : Evangelina Irungaray, Can

Kuyumcu and Julio Mayoral.

Music: Roly Berrío and Mariano Otero.

Editing : Ernesto Fontan.

Sound Direction : Martín Codini.

Color correction : Sebastián Guttman.

PRODUCED BY : Espacio de la Fraternidad Argentino Cubana in Co-production with Carbono Films.

Kit Tarará english

Kit Tarará spanish