San Antonio

Bolivia – Argentina / 2011 / 80’

16:9 / 5.1 / DCP 2K / Color.


The San Antonio prison, in Cochabamba, is the smallest prison in Bolivia. It is not difficult to deduce from this data that overpopulation and overcrowding, so common in Latin American prisons, reach atrocious levels there. But it is one thing to deduce it and another to observe it from the inside, as Olmos’s documentary does, which reveals an incredible miniature jail/city where prisoners can live with their families (or spend the night with prostitutes) and set up their own businesses (legal or not), without the State or society seeming to care too much. Three stories, told in parallel, structure the film. One is that of Ramón, a prisoner for drug trafficking who dresses up as a clown for the children in jail. Another is that of Sergio, a gang member accused of double homicide who awaits his trial while he makes tattoos, sells drugs and records a hip hop album. And the last one is that of Guery, a thief who only wants to leave San Antonio to steal again. Life stories like so many others, which reveal many of the complexities, contradictions and debts of Latin American societies.

Alvaro Olmos Torrico


He was born on January 23, 1983 in Cochabamba Bolivia. Graduated in Social Communication, he was Creative of BBDO Bolivia and iestrategas, trainer of the audiovisual exchange project “Water in bold” (Netherlands), script teacher at the School of Science and Art of Bolivia. Winner FENAVID 2003 for the short film “Sin Salida”, Special Mention FENAVID 2007 for the documentary “Emigrantes”. Winner of FILMAKA Los Angeles U.S. 2008 for the short film “Take my hand”, Selected for the BAFICI TALENT CAMPUS 2009, Selected for the film project analysis workshop of the Typa Foundation (Argentina) and selected for the Rotterdam Lab (Holland) for his fiction project “Three days later Sunday”.


Director :  Alvaro Olmos T.

Producers : Martín Bouloq – Juan Pablo Di Bitonto. 

Cinematography : Alvaro Olmos T. – Hernán Luna.  

Sound Director: José Caldararo. 

Direct Sound : Marcelo Navia.

Music : Alejandro Rivas.

Editing : Juan Pablo Di Bitonto.


Best Documentary Latin American Festival of Flanders Belgium  (2011).

Bafici (2011).

Official Selection Latin American Festival of Lima (2012).

International Festival of Uruguay (2012).

Pressbook San Antonio